Need help to fill out the application?

Are you looking to adopt and have a problem filling out the adoption application? No problem at all.

We are trying to make it easy for everyone who is looking to adopt a dog or cat. If you are not computer savvy or you don't have one we can work with you over the phone.

Email us with your phone number and we will call back and work with you over the phone to get all the information needed.

Click HERE to send us an email

¿Necesita ayuda para completar la solicitud?

¿Está buscando adoptar y tiene problemas para completar la solicitud de adopción? No hay problema. Estamos tratando de hacer que sea fácil para todos los que buscan adoptar un perro o gato. Si no tiene una computadora, podemos trabajar con usted por teléfono. Envíenos un correo electrónico con su número de teléfono y le devolveremos la llamada y trabajaremos con usted por teléfono para obtener toda la información necesaria. Por favor, empuje el click AQUÍ para enviarnos un correo electrónico  Email Us

Training Your Dog One-week free offer and discounts

We have recently partnered with GoodPup to provide training resources to all of our adopters. You will be matched with one of their skilled trainers who can help create a training plan for you and your pet. GoodPup provides a weekly one-on-one video call meeting with your trainer, as well as access to additional training resources within their app. In between sessions you can chat with the entire team whenever a question comes up. This chat is available on a daily basis until midnight (EST) each day. The first week is free and you can cancel at any time. If you choose to continue using the app you receive a 20% discount for life and you can stop and start back up as needed. If you are interested please scan the QR code on the attached flyer or use the following link:

Searching Tips For Lost Dog

We know it is the last thing you want to think about.  It is scary.  It is terrifying, but it does happen that a foster pet may get out of your house or your yard, or slip out of a harness on a walk.  Your foster is probably just as scared as you, PLUS they do not know their new home.  Here are some steps you can take IMMEDIATELY if the unthinkable happens. Every minute counts as your pet can get further away every moment!! 


To prevent a dog from slipping out of his collar/harness use the Martingale collar at all times with the harness. We provide both. Make sure both fit his size. Walk him with 2 leashes. One attached to the harness and one to the collar 


At home keep one leash on him for the first month. 


Remember to look around when you open the door. 

Don't leave him unsupervised outside, even if you have a fenced backyard. 


Following the instructions above will prevent 99% chance of him going lost. 


If he did run away, you should start looking for him immediately!!! 


 Ask people in the street if they saw him/her.


  •  Join local Facebook groups and post pictures of the pet along with a way to contact you if there are any sightings. Always add in big letters DO NOT CHASE. ask only to contact you with sighting

    • Join the group on Facebook - lost Dogs in NJ - if you are located in NJ. 

    • Or PA lost Dogs group if you are in PA.

  • Post on Pawboost

    • You can create a flyer on that website.  Add - DO NOT CHASE. Hang all over your neighborhood and intersections near you. 

    • Give the flyer to your mailman.

  • Download apps such as NEXTDOOR and create similar posts. If you use Ring, post there also. 

  • Call local animal control and the non-emergency police in your town and give descriptions/contact info

  • Frequently visit areas where you think the pet may be hiding.

  • Call and visit in person the shelters around you.