we are home!!
Just a few from our long list who found furever home. 

4 Neglected Chihuahuas found a home

Two bonded girls couldn't join their family who moved to a new place. We promised to keep them together, and so we did.

Rocky was our first boy who helped to rehome. His owner couldn't keep him, but we found him a great home who gives him love and caring for him and all his needs.

Ace was an owner surrender.  He needed training and needed a home who has time for him.

This sweet boy ended with an organization that trains dogs to be support dogs for veterans. He has his veteran who so needed loving paws to help him each and every day. We couldn't be happier.

We are 4 Chihuahuas who have lived together all our lives. Our owner decided to get rid of us for some unknown reason and left us all in a vet office. We had no record of vaccinations and had been terribly neglected. We had to walk on our nails because no one had cut them for us in such a long time. We were so frightened, we sat close together, touching each other for comfort.

Then some nice people from Friends for Life came and took us to a nice warm home and things started to change.

We're now all vaccinated and doing so much better. We're even getting our teeth cleaned at the vet on June 11th!


The rescue knows that there's probably no one who will adopt all four of us together but the rescue would like two adopters to take two each so we can still stay bonded.


Linda, the girl with the red harness and Susi, the other grayish girl will stay together. Linda likes to stand on her back legs and ask for gentle strokes. Susi is more cautious and will need time to adjust to a new environment. We estimate their age to be 8-10 years old. Remember that small breeds can live very long, up to almost 20.

will need more time

The other two are a boy and a girl: Momma and son. Momma had a tumor removed. It was cancer stage 1 so we feel she will do ok now. No meds or treatment is needed. They will be adopted together after she's healed. 

Mom - Princessa, is the most loveable little girl as is her son Justin. They love to sit on your lap and Justin loves belly rubs the most.

After they've been decompressed and understood they are safe we could find them a home.

They are living 3 together and loving every moment.

Linda, we found out, is better without the others as she was too dominant and it interferes with the other 3. So she found a home with a loving family and she gets all the attention to herself and loving it.

We visited them and they are all look awesome.!!!

From March 2021, when we opened our rescue until May 2022  we saved 258 dogs and cats. They found loving homes and we keep in touch with them all.

We can do better if you can volunteer. foster, donate funds, food and meds.