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Fostering With Us

Because rescue has no facility, they can't exist without a foster base. Dogs and cats saved from shelters or found stray or not wanted at their homes need a place to go. And you, the foster, are the lifeline for these animals.

To become a foster:
If you have a pet at home, it should be friendly to other animals. 
If your in-house pets are not spayed/neutered or up to date on their vaccinations, you can't foster.
Sometimes our pets are not fixed, and they are waiting for their appointment to be spayed/neutered.
If you work 8 hours a day or more outside the home, unfortunately, in most cases, it won't work because they come from a hard background, and they need you to be there for them.

The rescue will give you everything the animal needs. Crate, food, leash and collar, meds, pay for vet visits.
You give love, security, walk the animal, play with him, teach him tricks if you know-how, 
You will keep the dog/cat until they find the best home we can find. We don't know how long it may take. It can be just a few days or sometimes a few months.

If you decide that you want and can do it, you can fill out the Foster Application.
We will screen it,  talk with your references and your vet. The last thing will be a short video chat so we will learn about you and you will learn about us.

It is not easy to foster, and it is not easy to let your foster dog go when adopted. But the rewording feeling is just above and beyond words. The knowledge that you helped save a life is more than any other feeling.

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