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Our Story

Our story started way before the rescue did. Most of us volunteered with another rescue, saved the lives of hundreds of dogs, mainly from high-kill shelters, before being put to sleep. 

On a usual trip to bring dogs to safety, the unthinkable happened, and the rescue lost its founder and the soul of the rescue. The rescue had to be shut down.

We decided to continue her legacy by starting our rescue, using all that we learned over the years, and making it even better.  On our logo, we dedicated the star to Denise Penna. The most animal-loving person that did anything in her power to save every one of them. She's a shining star keeping an eye above on the animals and our rescue.


The rescue name Friends for Life emphasizes that our feelings and connection with her didn't end and that we are committed to doing all in our power for each animal we are caring for to find his/her home for life.


We decided to help owners who can't keep their animals and prevent them from going to shelters, where the future is unknown for them, and rescue animals from high-kill shelters.


Our volunteers provide these animals with a safe environment, medical care, and love and attention until they find their forever home.

As a non-profit, we don't get any funds and totally depend on donations, volunteers, and fosters.

Our EIN 86-1660545

                                     Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to place unwanted and in-danger animals in homes, no matter age or breed. To educate the public, help stop animal cruelty and neglect.


1. To provide medical care and re-home abandoned, injured, and stray animals

2. To find homes for older and senior animals.

3. To reduce the number of animals euthanized due to lack of space in shelters or because of prejudice towards some breeds, to provide the animals with temporary housing, in foster homes or other suitable venues, until they can be placed in adoptive homes.

4. To work to reduce the animal population through educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering,

5. Educating the public to reduce animal cruelty and neglect.

6. Educate about the importance of pet adoption.

7. To work with other animal rescue groups and shelters and the public to offer relief from pet overpopulation. To provide medical care to all animals in FFLAR custody through local veterinarians.

Board of Directors and leaders

Tammy Fabian - Executive Director

Heidi Toth -  Director - Treasurer

Jennifer Stadler Leary -  Board Secretary/Workspace Manager

Michelle Carl Bosak - Director/ Adoption 

Mar Baricevic - Adoption Coordinator

Michelle Sabella - Supply and Microchip

Bethany Cucinella - Foster Coordinator

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