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Our Promise to Janet


   We rescued Janet from a shelter in Texas.  The conditions were poor and her chances of being adopted were slim.  We promised her, that if she made the long, hot trip up north we would provide a better life for her.  We promised her that we would find her a loving foster while we searched for her forever home.  We promised her that we would screen applicants, check references and conduct home visits to ensure she was properly placed in her forever home. 


   Somehow-we failed.  Two days after we celebrated Janet finding her forever home, we were informed that she had gotten loose and was hit by a car.  Sadly, she did not survive.   We cried and cried and our tears began to dry, we couldn't help but ask ourselves, where did we go wrong? How could we, as a rescue, have prevented this? We had all the resources, the handbooks, and the guides. What more could we do to ensure this would not happen again?  


   So we made a new promise to Janet.  We promise Janet that we will share her story with EVERY potential adopter.   We will push ourselves harder when we screen applicants, check references and conduct home visits.  By sharing Janet’s story, we hope that her tragic death will not be in vain.  By sharing Janet’s story her short life will have had a purpose.   We hope that by making this new promise to Janet, that all our rescues will be safe and happy forever in their new homes.  


RIP SWEET JANET  You will live on in our hearts and in every pet we rescue.

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