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                                   Searching Tips For Lost Dog

We know it is the last thing you want to think about.  It is scary.  It is terrifying, but it does happen that a fostered pet may get out of your house or your yard, or slip out of a harness on a walk.  Your foster is probably just as scared as you are, PLUS it does not know its new home.  


How to prevent it from happening!!

Use the Martingale collar at all times with the harness. We provide both. 

Make sure both fit the animal size. 

Walk him with 2 leashes. One attached to the harness and one to the collar for the first few weeks. Especially the big dogs and the fearful ones. 


At home keep one leash on him for the first month. 


Remember to look around when you open the door. Put a reminder on the door.

Don't leave the dog unsupervised outside, even if you have a fenced backyard. 


Following the instructions above will prevent 99% chance of him going lost. 


The dog ran away!!  Let’s find him!!

Here are the steps to take IMMEDIATELY  as the unthinkable happens. Every minute counts because your pet gets further away every minute!! 

Remember - You can’t do it alone. Someone should be outside, helping you by looking for the lost dog, while another should start the work on the computer.


Activities at home​

Collect this information, and post it on group pages on the Facebook area.:

  • The last location seen 

  • Was he/she with - a collar? Leash? Harness?

  • A good picture of the dog if you have

  • Anything you can add to help find him?

  • Your contact number to where people can call with sightings.

  1. While people (your partner, friends, etc)  are looking for the dog,  you should go online and post a missing dog on these websites and create a flyer for free ready to be print out:


Create a flyer on the “pawboost” website. It’s free.  Add in big letters DO NOT
CHASE. ask to contact you with sightings. As shown on the following example:














Hang all over your neighborhood and intersections near you.
Give the flier to your mailman, neighbors, and ask to hang it in stores in the area.


Register or sign in to Your Neighborhood

  • Ring
    If you use the Ring, post a picture and your contact info for the neighbors to know.


  1. Join local Facebook groups and post pictures of the pet along with a way to contact you if there are any sightings. Join the group on Facebook -

  •  lost Dogs in NJ - if you are located in NJ. 

  • Or PA lost Dogs group if you are in PA.

  1. Call local animal control and the non-emergency police in your town and give descriptions/contact info

  2. Frequently visit areas where you think the pet may be hiding.

  3. Call and visit in person the shelters around you.

Outside Tasks


Ask people on the street if they saw him/her. 

Make sure to have his/her treats in your pocket.


If you see him/her :


  • If the dog knows his/her name call him/her once or twice in a relaxed voice just so he/she sees you.

  • If the dog doesn’t knows his/her name drag his/her attention in a relaxed voice just so he/she sees you.

  • Sit on the ground. 

  • Don’t make eye contact with him/her

  • Put some treats around you on the floor. 

  • Wait. 


He/she may come to you or may not. 

If he/she is on the run again, try following him/her.. 

No shouting, No chasing. It will cause him/her to run and disappear.


If nothing works and the dog is on the run, and he/she is not familiar with you or the surrounding, the best choice is to contact the “Search and Trap Group” in your area, who can professionally trap the dog.



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