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​​Friends For Life Animal Rescue

Pets of the Month:
Buffy (adopted), Jody,
and Sabre

 A Shar-Pei boy for adoption
buffy10.jpg A Shar-Pei girl - adopted
ADOPTED.gif Adopted

SABRE on her freedom ride

JODY still waiting for his family


Momma was dumped with her four babies, but in the end, only Buffy and Jody survived. 


While checking the shelters in the area, we came across a girl who was just trapped and already had a time stamp to be killed. We couldn't believe our eyes. Eight months after we took in Buffy and Jody and couldn't find the mom and the 3rd puppy, here she was. We pulled her from the shelter and went straight to the vet, who said that the young puppy herself was pregnant. We are expecting the puppies in 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, she is resting comfortably, being fed healthy food, and getting used to people.            


When Jody and Buffy were first seen, they roamed the streets with their mother and siblings. It took some time to trap these two. The 3rd sibling was hit by a truck trailer and passed away. The mother and 4th dog were never seen again.

When they came to us, they were very skinny and had very bad skin.
Good food and vet care, and they are now healthy and ready to go home.
Born sometime around April 2023

Jody weighed 27 lbs. in mid-October. In April, he is 40 lbs.
He is still a little fearful of people, but at the same time, he loves being patted.


When adopted, the owner will have much more time to give him attention and love, which will affect his feelings of security and trust.
Jody is very playful and gets along with all dogs.
He Loves squeaky toys.

When he sees the foster, he is so happy and high-energy, but after he gets her attention, he becomes relaxed.

ADOPTED - Buffy weighed 25 lbs. in mid-October
She is still timid when the foster tries to pick her up but doesn’t mind being patted once she holds her in her lap.
She sleeps up against the foster. But every time the foster reaches for her, she backs off. Since the foster has so many animals to care for, there's not enough time for one-on-one. When adopted, the owner will have much more time to give her attention and love, affecting her trust.
Buffy is very playful.
She Loves squeaky toys.


To apply, please fill out the adoption application. Please copy the link below and paste it into your browser

To foster with us
Foster Application

If you send us an email, please check the spam folder for our response, as sometimes our email is there.

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We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization volunteers and foster-based rescue in the Tri-State area. Our mission is to place in danger or unwanted animals, no matter age or breed, in homes, to educate the public, and help stop animal cruelty and neglect. We can't do it without your help.

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Apply to adopt a dog. We have Spanish talking people

    New Year 2024 Big Hope!!

So far, almost all our small dogs adopted. But we have larger dogs who were born in our rescue, and we took in the mothers who were dumped. And these dogs are beautiful, but they are big, and people don't adopt big.

If you are a big dogs person, check our Petfinder 

The year 2023 - a very sad year !!

From January 2023 up to the beginning of December, 154 dogs have been saved!!  But not adopted. We have dogs waiting for a very long time, over 12 months. And we have no choice but to reject requests to help more dogs, and it breaks our hearts.

Our animal rescue is a non-profit organization that was established 2 years ago and has done great work in saving animals since then. Unfortunately, in 2023, the situation has become very bad, with no adoptions and no fosters, leading to an increase in the number of dogs being euthanized. We are now urgently calling out for new fosters and volunteers to help us save these dogs and give them a chance at a better life. Please join us in our mission to make a difference and save the lives of dogs in need.

Join us here to foster and volunteer.

The year we started -  2021


From March 2021, when we opened our rescue, until mid-October, we saved 134 dogs and cats. They found loving homes, and we keep in touch with them all



The year 2022


Since January 2022, we saved 247 DOGS and cats who found loving homes, and we keep in touch with them all.

All these dogs were saved from being euthanized in the South.

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